Boat Lift: A Product That Will Increase the Investment Value of Your Boat

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As a boat owner, have you ever heard about a product that is called as boat lift? If you have never heard of it before, you have to know that the main function of this product is to lift your boat up so that it should not always be right on the water surface whenever you do not use it. Unlike cars or any other vehicles, boats are the ones that are usually placed on water surface Read the rest of this entry »

Hiring Chillers during the Automotive Manufacturing Process

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It’s understandable the vehicle market is large business therefore, any disruption towards the production and testing of vehicle components and engines throughout the manufacturing process in a vehicle plant (or perhaps a components providers plant) can lead to: Read the rest of this entry »

Knowing The Benefits And History Of Automotive Windshields

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Automotive wind shields are large bits of safety glass that were installed on variations of automobiles. They are available outfitted on cars, buses, planes as well as some motorcycles. The glass used is generally lamented. What this means is the glass was given two sheets of curved glass separated with a sheet of plastic prior to being glued and sealed lower to some window frame. Read the rest of this entry »

Six Cool Jeep Modifications

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At the event The Moab Easter Jeep Safari, the event for off-road enthusiasts, Chrysler will bring six new modification of the concept model of the Jeep and Mopar.Since 2002, Chrysler has showcased a variety of concept vehicles by using parts from the Jeep. And at this year’s event to be held 23 to 31 March, plans to bring six Jeep models modifications. Read the rest of this entry »

New Price New Freed, Up From Rp3, 5 Million

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New Honda Freed gets a new twist with the addition of features. Not just one model, the three models are available in Freed (types A, S and E) get improvements.Various features of the type A include Auto Door Lock by speed, Headlight Reflector, ECO Lamp, Green Glass, Sliding Door, 15 inch alloy wheels plus Trim Cover, High Mount Stop Lamp, Micro Antenna, Single Din Audio, LCD Multi-Information, Immobilizer & keyless Entry, up to G-CON body frame + ACETM. New Freed type A has now also been equipped with safety devices Dual SRS Airbags. Read the rest of this entry »

Kardashian Sisters Tied in Storage Ford Figo

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Ford Motor Co. attacked criticism due to the ads released in India. The controversy is due to display ads caricature various figures and celebrities bound by mouth muffled in the trunk of the Ford Figo.

Various scathing comments directed to that states Ford ad campaign was considered offensive and contains sexual discrimination. Realizing his mistake, Ford along with their partner advertising agency, WPP, has pulled out all the evidence of circulation. They apologized and admitted this ad campaign should have never happened. Read the rest of this entry »